Relaxing and peaceful, it’s low on evening entertainment but fabulous for authentic Caribbean cuisine, idyllic beaches and beautiful scenery.

What a landscape – crater lakes, rainforests, mangroves and amazing coral reefs. You can marry on a white sand beach and celebrate with a romantic sunset Champagne cruise.

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Legal Requirements for Grenada
Full 10 year British passport
Original birth certificate
Affidavit/Statutory declaration
Original no impediment to marry certificate N/A
Original decree absolute if divorced
Original death certificate or former spouse & marriage certificate if widowed
Original adoption certificate (if adopted)
Original deed poll notice - if name changed
Minimum age to marry 21
Certified documents N/A
Letters of personal detail
Legalised documents/Foreign & Commonwealth office N/A
Documents required by Kuoni (within) weeks before travel 6
Minimum stay in resort prior to wedding (No. of working days) 5
Minimum stay in resort required 10
  • Kuoni needs to see originals of these documents before you travel
  • Kuoni needs to see copies of these documents before you travel, you must travel with all original documentation
  • Kuoni do not require any documents before you travel but you must travel with all original documentation

This information applies only to couples born in the UK with a valid UK passport.