Canada’s domestic rail company offers an excellent and easy way to see the country’s remarkable scenery.

With regular departures and comfortable seating, VIA Rail’s services include the iconic ‘Canadian’, travelling between Toronto and Vancouver, and the economical Corridor service linking the key cities and resorts in Eastern Canada. It’s necessary to pre-book all VIA Rail journeys.

The Canadian

The Canadian is VIA Rail’s flagship train connecting eastern Canada to the west coast. This is an epic four-night journey between Toronto and Vancouver, departing three times a week between early May and mid-October, and twice weekly throughout the winter months. The train leaves Toronto in the late evening and crosses Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Over the four days the scenery changes from the lakes and forests of the east and the prairies of central Canada to the mountain ranges of the west.

Service options on the Canadian

• Economy class: seating in the coach car (pillow and blanket provided); access to the economy dining car where meals are available to purchase 
• Sleeper Plus class: upper or lower berths or private cabins with sink WC; meals included; access to the lounge cars with observation domes and dining cars 
• Prestige Sleeper class: cabins with a private bathroom; meals and drinks included; access to the Panorama, Prestige Park, Skyline and dining cars.

The Ocean

The Ocean train provides a relaxing overnight journey between Montréal and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Departing three times a week throughout the year, the train leaves Montréal in the early evening and follows the course of the Lawrence River overnight. The following day, the train will pass through the dense forest of northern New Brunswick before arriving in Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia, in the early evening. The train also operates in reverse, departing from Halifax in the afternoon and arriving in Montréal the next morning.

Service options on The Ocean Route

• Economy Class: seating in the coach car year-round (pillow and blanket provided); meals available to purchase in the dining car 

• Sleeper Plus Class: cabin for two (cabins with shower are also available); meals included in the dining car; access to the panoramic Park car from which you can enjoy stunning views. Informal activities and presentations about the region are held here between mid-June and mid-October.

The Corridor

Linking the cities of Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal and Québec City, The Corridor train offers an excellent and economical way of travelling between eastern Canada’s major destinations. For details on Economy Class and Business Class, please speak to a Personal Travel Expert. 
Approx. journey times: 
• Toronto – Ottawa: 4½ hours 
• Toronto – Montréal: 5 hours 
• Toronto – Québec City: 8½ hours 
• Montréal – Québec City: 3 hours 
• Quebec City – Ottawa: 5½ hours


The Skeena service is a two-day journey in Western Canada between Jasper, Prince George and Prince Rupert. Economy class is offered year-round, while the recommended Touring Class – which includes meals and access to a dome carriage – is available on select departures from mid-June to mid-September.

Need to know

  • The journey time on the VIA Rail routes can vary as passenger trains often have to wait for freight trains to pass. This can also delay departures and arrivals.

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