Québec City Organised Trips

Gourmet stop tour, Québec City

Depart from Place de Paris on wonderful guided cycle-rickshaw tour of the Old Harbour. Take in the architectural beauty, discovering the heritage and gastronomic culture of Quebec City with a 20 minute stop at Old Harbour market. Meet the merchants, browse through the jewellery, try some famous Quebec cheese and sample the famous local dish of poutine at Le Chic Shack.


1 hour

Whale Watching from Québec, City

Take a scenic transfer from Qu├ębec City, travelling through the Charlevoix Region and onto Baie-Ste-Catherine for an exhilarating whale watching cruise. On the three-hour cruise, a naturalist guide will help you learn more about the beluga and finback whale environment, underwater marine life and the majestic Saguenay Fjord. It is advisable to bring warm clothes.


10 hours

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