Cambodia holiday highlights

Temples of Angkor
Marvel at the imposing beauty of Angkor, an awe-inspiring ancient temple complex rising phoenix-like from its jungle setting. Discover the laid-back, colonial-style charm of Siem Reap, the gateway to Angkor. Travel further afield and find lazy sun-kissed beaches in Sihanoukville, sleepy towns and spectacular national parks.

Tour the capital, Phnom Penh, a beautiful city with a charmingly dilapidated colonial heritage. Take in the vibrant riverside promenade with its many cafés and restaurants. Experience several sides of this incredible country on one of our Cambodia Tours.

National Museum of Cambodia
- Located in Phnom Penh, here you’ll discover hundreds of ancient Khmer artefacts.

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum - Learn more about this tragic period of history at this museum in Phnom Penh, set in the grounds of Pol Pot’s secret prison.

Cambodia Landmine Museum - This museum in Siem Reap was set up to raise awareness of and educate about the dangers of land mines in Cambodia.

Angkor National Museum - Visit this museum in Siem Reap to learn about the golden era of the Khmer kingdom.

Cultural Tips
• The traditional greeting in Cambodia is the Sampeah, the bringing together of hands, as if praying, combined with a bow.
• Never touch someone on the head or point with your feet, always remove your shoes before entering a person’s home and dress conservatively, especially when entering temples and sacred religious sights.

Random Fact
Birthdays are not generally celebrated in Cambodia; many members of the older generation do not know when they were born as birth certificates were lost when families were separated under the Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s. For the people of Cambodia the most important factors are which year they were born in and the celebrations of Chaul Chhnam – Cambodia’s New Year.

Cambodia key facts

Time difference

GMT +7 hours


Phnom Penh


Cambodian Riel. US dollars are also widely accepted, and the Thai Baht can be used in many places.

Flying time to destination

12¾ hours


Cambodian (Khmer)

Cambodia good to know


Thearavada Buddhism

Dialling code

Health and vaccinations

• Take a good mosquito repellent to protect you against mosquito-borne diseases.\ • Vaccinations aren’t compulsory, but it’s recommended that you have them for malaria, typhoid, tetanus and hepatitis A and B.


Tipping isn’t expected, but it’s greatly appreciated. Ten per cent is a generous amount to give.

What to wear

• Shorts and t-shirts are okay to wear when you’re visiting temples.
• If you visit the Silver Pagoda in the Royal Palace, the dress code is more formal and you must wear long trousers or skirts.


Thearavada Buddhism

Spa and wellness

Your resort may have a spa, Jacuzzi and/or sauna.

Shopping in Cambodia

•   Haggle for an array of goods at Siem Reap’s markets
•   Browse boutiques for silk in Phnom Penh; buy wood carvings, marble sculptures and sapphires in Battambang
•   Shop for hand-loomed scarves, clothes and wall hangings in Sihanoukville.

Best Cambodia beaches

Bask on sun-drenched white-sand beaches in Sihanoukville.

Food & drink

•   Many areas have restaurants serving international cuisine.
•   Food stalls sell traditional Cambodian dishes, which include rice noodles in curry sauce, fish and coconut steamed in banana leaves, stir-fried chicken and meaty spare ribs.
•   Cambodians also eat a lot of fish and seafood.

•   Stick to bottled water and canned or cartoned soft drinks and juice.
•   The local beer is Angkor, but you'll also find international brands.