Cambodian (Khmer)

Events & Festivals:

Cambodian New Year
Join in this vibrant three-day celebration. Temple fronts are beautifully decorated and offerings are made to gods and goddesses of the sky. The festival culminates with a traditional games and a royal procession.

The King’s Birthday
On this national holiday, make your way to the banks of the Tonle Sap River before the Royal Palace and watch fireworks light up the sky.

Water Festival
Join the crowds on the banks of the Mekong River to see hundreds of vibrantly coloured boats battle it out and see the reversal of the Tonle Sap River’s current. Try traditional dishes, watch Cambodian dance and marvel at fireworks.

Angkor Photo Festival
Stroll around venues showcasing beautiful photography from south-east Asia at this creative festival.

Angkor Wat International Half-Marathon
Runners from more that 40 countries take part in this half run to raise money for charity.

The Legend of Angkor Wat
This incredible show lights up the foot of the famous temple as locals perform in spectacular costumes. Runs until February.

Eating / Drinking:

•   Many areas have restaurants serving international cuisine.
•   Food stalls sell traditional Cambodian dishes, which include rice noodles in curry sauce, fish and coconut steamed in banana leaves, stir-fried chicken and meaty spare ribs.
•   Cambodians also eat a lot of fish and seafood.

• Stick to bottled water and canned or cartoned soft drinks and juice.
• The local beer is Angkor, but you'll also find international brands.

Good to know:

Thearavada Buddhism

Dialling code


Tipping isn’t expected, but it’s greatly appreciated. Ten per cent is a generous amount to give.