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  • Fabulous beaches and endless sunshine
  • Manmade wonders of Dubai
  • Ancient and intriguing history

A landscape simultaneously timeless, yet bursting with modernity, Arabia is a place of contrasts. In parts unshakeably traditional, yet at the same ti...

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China & Japan

  • Spectacular scenery
  • Intriguing histories and cultures
  • Glittering 21st Century cities

China and Japan are two nations that boast a fascinating history yet find themselves very much at the heart of an ever-changing and fast-paced 21st Ce...

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India, Nepal & Bhutan

From the vast and varied landscapes of India to the mountainous and landlocked nations of Nepal and Bhutan, the Indian subcontinent is a land of contr...

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South East Asia

South East Asia boasts some of the world’s finest beaches in exotic places like Thailand, Bali and Malaysia, as well as the increasingly popular shore...

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