Arabia holiday highlights

Across this whole region the very sands beneath your feet seem to whisper to the echoes of a thousand generations. Here, legacies have been written on the landscape as great monuments, some new and shiny, some almost as old as time itself.

The colours of Arabia are predominantly those of the desert, with golden hues, rusts and ochre set stark against cloudless blue skies and sparkling seas; here green is a novelty and something to behold and to be treasured.

And where the modern world has emerged, it has done so in such spectacular fashion as to almost monopolise superlatives like tallest, biggest, most expensive. Yet even in the high-rises of Dubai the ancient whispers of yesterday still carry on the wind.

Everywhere, ancient traditions and evocative customs are revered and sanctified. Arabic hospitality is legendary – the rituals of feasts and taking coffee, the habits of the barter and the haggle. Travelling in this region is like no other.

Discover the modernity of the UAE, sparkling Abu Dhabi and ever-ambitious Dubai. Both cities competing with each other for pre-eminence, with ever more spectacular manmade wonders built typically taller and bigger than anywhere else on earth. Often overshadowed by their brash neighbours, the other emirates of Ajman, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah enjoy a more secluded charm as well as  their own fabulous beachfronts and stylish hotels. For a Bedouin experience with added indulgence, visit the Banyan Tree Al Wadi – a spectacular desert escape hiding amongst the dunes of the empty interior of Ras Al Khaimah.

And then Oman, with its perfect combination of history and fabulous beaches, and its cosseting luxury hotels and authentic culture. Traditional, preserved and understated, Oman is somewhat quieter and certainly less brash than the noisier emirates to the north. And with its spectacular landscape of stark, rugged  beauty, Oman is a delight to behold. Burnt and bare mountains cascade to the sea, shielding attractive bays host to sleepy beachfronts with fleets of traditional fishing dhows. Cruise the waters of the Gulf of Oman and spot whales, turtles and spectacular spinner dolphins. For the ultimate Oman experience, follow the ancient frankincense trail or explore the intricate waters and fjords of the Musandam Peninsula before indulging at one of the country’s array of superb luxury hotels.