Heathrow Terminal 5

Heathrow Terminal 5 has recently opened for the exclusive use of British Airways, who now use the terminal for the majority of their Heathrow departures.

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Checking in

Terminal 5 heralds a brand new concept in air travel, with everything dedicated to putting you first. And the result is a terminal that is so calm and stress-free, you will simply flow through. To really save time at the airport and bypass Check-in altogether, it’s best to check in online before going to the terminal. But if that’s not been possible, 96 Check-in Kiosks and up to 96 Fast Bag Drops are provided for you to use.

  • From arrival through to Departures in ten minutes*
  • Check-in Kiosks with no more than one person in front

IMPORTANT ADVICE: If you’re flying longhaul or taking a shorthaul flight with hand luggage, to Moscow, St Petersburg, Prague or Kiev and you’ve checked in online or at a Check-in Kiosk at the terminal, you will need to go to one of the Passport and Visa Check desks before going to Security. This helps with punctuality by ensuring that all paperwork has been checked with plenty of time to deal with any problems. If you have luggage for the hold, your passport and visa will be checked at a Fast Bag Drop or Customer Service Desk.


To help with potentialy frustrating queues at security, there is improved technology and helpful staff on hand to assist, meaning it should only take about five minutes to pass through. There are two security areas – one at each end of the terminal, so wherever you check in, it’s just a short walk to security.

IMPORTANT ADVICE: To help keep delays to a minimum and ensure flights leave on time, you must pass through security no less than 35 minutes before the flight is due to depart

  • Two security areas mean people pass through quickly

Relax and Enjoy

Along the airy concourses there’s a wealth of the best shops, restaurants, bars and cafés. As each shop was asked to come up with something special, Tiffany & Co will be displaying pieces from their archives and Paul Smith is opening his “Globe” store featuring antique furniture and pictures from his own travels. There are 25 catering eateries offering everything from coffee to the sumptuous fare served in Gordon Ramsay’s first airport restaurant, Plane Food. The whole terminal has wireless access to the internet and, to enhance the relaxing atmosphere, there will be fewer announcements with more screens situated throughout the departure lounge to show gate information. There will also be Customer Service Desks in three locations and lots of British Airways hosts available to help and advise.

  • World class shopping
  • 112 outlets
  • Premium brands, flagship stores, designer boutiques
  • Gourmet restaurants
  • Chic cafés
  • Great English pubs

Welcome to the UK

On arriving at Terminal 5, there’s just a short distance from the gate to Border Control with 36 desks to speed you through to baggage reclaim and out to a stunning Interchange Plaza, spanned by glazed sky bridges. And, for anyone who is registered, there is the swift moving Iris Scanner channel. There won’t be a long wait for baggage, either – the baggage system will ensure the first bags should start to arrive on the carousel as the first customers enter the reclaim area.

  • Gates are a short walk from Border Control
  • Bags delivered quickly for you to pick up
  • Nine international carousels – two domestic carousels
  • Landscaped Interchange Plaza to transport links

Flying in

If you’re flying First, Club World or Club Europe without an EU passport there is a Fast Track channel to minimise the time taken to get through Border Control and gates are conveniently located to shorten the walk. The baggage system will ensure the first bags should start to arrive on the carousel as the first customers enter the reclaim area and, for total refreshment, there’s the Galleries Arrivals lounge.

  • Fast Track Border Control channel
  • Galleries Arrivals Lounge: six infinity bathrooms, 94 shower rooms, clothes pressing service and full English breakfast or buffet

*Based on the average time it takes one passenger using a self-service Check-in Kiosk and checking in one bag at a Fast Bag Drop on a normal operational day

**Based on the average time it takes one passenger to pass through Terminal 5 Flight Connections after disembarking from their inbound plane

World Class Baggage

The baggage system is one of the most advanced in the world. Tried and tested, it can transport up to 12,000 bags an hour along 18km of belts. There are state-of-the-art scanners to read labels and ensure each bag is where it should be, when it should be

  • Most advanced baggage system in world
  • Moves 12,000 bags an hour
  • Belts can move at 30mph


To allow UK domestic customers to share Terminal 5 with customers taking international flights, the BAA have introduced a new security procedure – Biometrics. Quick and safe, it is an electronic form of fingerprinting. Domestic customers’ fingerprints are taken at Security then they are checked again at the boarding gate. Please note that afterwards the records are always deleted, so there’s no need to worry about fingerprints being kept on file. The Biometrics procedure is a simple way to allow you to enjoy the full amenities of Terminal 5, especially the tax free prices (except for World Duty Free).

  • New biometric scanning being introduced

Transferring through

When Terminal 5 opens it will have two buildings, Terminal 5 and Satellite B – and in 2010 Satellite C will open. To help relieve the stress of transferring on longhaul flights, the terminal has been designed to take you quickly and easily from the arriving flight, through Border Control to the connecting flight. In fact it should take just 20 minutes** and dedicated purple signage will show the way. If the connecting flight leaves from Satellite B, there is a rapid Track Transit system that departs every 90 seconds – it can transport over 6,000 people an hour! Flight Connections is in one central, easy-to-find place which is designed to make connections as quick and simple as possible.

  • Stress-free transfers take just 20 minutes**
  • Flight Connections at the heart of the terminal
  • Rapid Track Transit system between Terminal 5 and Satellite B takes 45 seconds

Flying out

Whether you’re flying First, Club World, Club Europe or you are a Gold or Silver Executive Club member, you will find Terminal 5 provides you with a truly upgraded experience. If you’re flying First or are a Gold Executive Club member and haven’t checked in online, there is a dedicated Check-in suite at the south end of the terminal. If you’re flying Club World, Club Europe or are a Silver Executive Club member and have checked in using the Check-in Kiosks and need help, there are dedicated Customer Service Desks for you to use.

  • Checking in online is the fastest way to check in
  • Dedicated Check-in suite for First and Gold Executive Club customers
  • Dedicated Customer Service Desks
  • Fast Track security channel

Once through security, you can enter Galleries, the largest and possibly the most luxurious complex of premium airport lounges in the world.

  • Complimentary cocktails, champagne and vintage wines served all day
  • Fine dining
  • Free Wi-Fi

If you’re flying First, Club World or are a Gold Executive Club member and you would like a relaxing treatment, British Airways have teamed up with luxury British spa and skincare brand, Elemis. Using either Shiatsu back massage or their Intelligent Massage Chairs, Elemis has formulated a two-tier treatment menu exclusive to British Airways customers. If you’re departing longhaul, spa treatments are designed to aid sleep and relaxation while, on arrival, leave you feeling re-awakened and energised.

  • Complimentary treatments personally tailored to each customer
  • Shiatsu back massage or Intelligent Massage Chair

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