Glitzy malls, exotic islands and Indian extravagance, experience it all on our handpicked Abu Dhabi cruises

Discover Arabian souks, Abu Dhabi’s skyscrapers, Cochin’s Indian spices, Phuket’s Taoist temples and white-sand beaches on our Abu Dhabi cruises.Taking you from Singapore to Thailand, and India to the United Arab Emirates, cruises from Abu Dhabi feature sleek liners where luxuriously appointed suites, fine dining and top deck swimming pools are just the beginning of your voyage.

See those famous Chinese fishing nets in Cochin, visit the United Arab Emirates most opulent white-washed mosque and go sky high to the top of the gilded Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world. Out at sea, immerse yourself in a world of Broadway and circus shows, decadent spas and martini bars, lawn decks and pools, and some of the finest concierge in the world.

Our recommended Abu Dhabi cruises

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