The Kuoni Collection of South America luxury holidays

Latin America is the epitome of contrast and diversity, from its people, to its cities and glorious natural wonders. Discover beautiful sun-kissed beaches, iconic cities, incredible wildlife and the unimaginably vast Amazon rainforest.

Argentina is home to dramatic landscapes from vast grassy plains, beautiful lakes and mountains to the vast Patagonian windswept wildernesses. Walk the boulevards of sophisticated Buenos Aires and savour the delights of sublime wine regions.

Rio, Brazil’s buzzing capital, boasts a stunning setting between white beaches and lush rainforests, iconic landmarks and incredible energy. The spectacular Iguaçu Falls lie on the border of these two fascinating countries.

Venture deep into Ecuador’s untouched rainforest, discover the historic capital of Quito and join an unforgotten cruise around the enchanting islands of the Galapagos which captivated Darwin with their magical landscapes and unique wildlife.

Celebrated for awe-inspiring Machu Picchu, Peru is scattered with ancient ruins set amongst spectacular Andean landscapes. Stray from the historic pre- Columbian avenues of Cuzco and the Sacred Valley, to the spectacular chasms of the Colca Canyon and embark on an incredible adventure down the Amazon.

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