Enjoy far flung family holidays to Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific with Kuoni

Delight in a family holiday of a lifetime to the distant shores of Australia, New Zealand or the paradisiacal South Pacific island nation of Fiji. Receive a warm welcome as huge as the varying landscapes found down under; from wild rainforests and snow covered mountain peaks to unrivalled beaches and turquoise lagoons. You will be hard pushed to find more family friendly destinations with English as the first language, a wide variety of cuisine available almost everywhere you travel and unbeatable laid back lifestyles.


While the flight time is undeniably long, the rewards upon arrival are plain for all to see – exotic countries with many of the comforts of home which also boast unique cultures and landscapes to discover. Explore safe and friendly cosmopolitan cities, such as Sydney and Auckland, with an array of attractions and sights for both children and adults. Glimpse the fascinating and vibrant wildlife of the Great Barrier Reef off Australia’s coast or corals reefs surrounding the islands of the South Pacific. In New Zealand feel like you have stepped straight onto the set of a movie travelling through landscapes you may have seen dozens of times on the big screen.

To break up the long journey to the nations of Australasia perhaps stop-off in one of our other favourite family destinations such as Dubai or Thailand.


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